Local Produce

Luxury villa sleeping upto six people on the edge of Orba village. Well equipped not a basic holiday villa, with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, private pool, ample garden furniture, shady areas and gas BBQ.

Casa Alegria - Orba

Alicante - Costa Blanca, Spain

Local produce, Wines, Spirits, Oranges, Olives, Honey

Any local produce will be of very good quality, and all will have been produced with care (see Olive Oil). Orba has a small farmers market, Mercat d'Awraba, which is held in the main square every 3rd Saturday of the month, where you can find a wide selection of local produce.


Wines & Spirits


Any supermarket will have extensive ranges of wines and spirits.


Bodegas will also have local wines and sherry for sale, usually from the barrel, take your own container, an empty 2, 5 or 8 litre water bottle will be fine.


The Jalon valley produces some excellent reds (tinto), whites (blanco), and rosé (rosado), available in seco (dry), semi dulce (semi sweet), and dulce (sweet). But Jalon is most famous for its sweet Moscatel wines.


In September, locals take their grape harvest to the co-operative bodega in Jalon for processing. This bodega should be on your must visit list. Park in the car park opposite and take your empty containers in. There are huge barrels of different types of wine to sample, try before you buy, the select what you want, and have your containers filled. This bodega also has a good range of spirits available.


Further along the road in Jalon, on the round-a-bout by the Mas y Mas supermarket is bodega Riko (96 648 0294), a smaller version of the co-operative bodega. Again, good local wines from the barrel cost 0.95 cents a litre. This bodega also has a good range of sherry, again from the barrel at €2 to €3 a litre.


For a massive range of Spanish bottled wine, try bodega Aguilar in Ondara.




Local oranges can be bought from any local seller that can be found by the side of roads. All will have a plate of try before you buy pieces, 5kgs cost approximately €3. Markets will have lots of stalls with different options, again all approximately €3 for 5kgs.




Any of the local markets are the best option for olives. The stalls have huge ranges, some stuffed with baby squid. The stall in Jalon market on Tuesdays has a very good selection.

Some supermarkets have a self service olive/salad type of counter, e.g. fill containers with your selection of different olives.


Olive oil


Market stalls and supermarkets have the best ranges, and are well worth the search.


We produce our own oil, for our own use, from a parcel of land that we own on the hillside above the Jalon valley, we have a couple hundred almond and olive trees. Olive and oil production is back breaking work that takes all year, we have a local couple that do most of the work, although we do some work on the terraces in Spring, and gathering in late November/early December. Pressing the olives into oil is a 'must see' if you are around the area in December. We take our olives to a processing plant high in the mountains way past Castells de Castells, where 'your oil' is pressed 'for you', i.e. no other olives are mixed with yours. We do have some eating olive trees, but it's a long process to get the olives to a good standard, e.g. steep for a month in water, start again, etc. Our almonds (apart for a few sacks that we eat), go to a co-operative for mass production into cakes, ice-cream, etc. There is an almond processing plant in Tormos 2km from Casa Alegria.



Local honey is available from the Orba bodega. There is also a honey shop by bodega Riko in Jalon. This shop has the best ranges of flavours and jar sizes. Market stalls are another option.